I’m not in the ‘too hard basket’ – I wove my kete to create my success

Katey Thom, Stella Black, David Burnside and Jessica Hastings

This blog post is based on the Evidence & Policy article, ‘He Ture Kia Tika/Let the Law Be Right: informing evidence-based policy through kaupapa Māori and co-production of lived experience‘, part of the Special Issue on Creativity and Co-production.

A kaupapa Māori co-production project that honours the voices of those with lived experience of incarceration

Research often tells us most prisoners have experienced mental distress or addiction within their lifetime but often end up in the ‘too hard basket’. The criminal justice system of Aotearoa, with its strong Westminster roots, significantly contributes to intergenerational traumatic experiences and struggles to get help that is needed. Our project aimed to reject this basket, replacing it with a diverse array of kete (baskets) filled with localised mātauranga (ancient knowledge derived from a te ao Māori worldview), strategies and solutions to improve wellbeing and reduce reoffending.

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